• I should go on another date with that guy because he’s super nice. I should go to the party because people are expecting to see me there. I should keep taking these classes because I’m super close to finishing my degree. I just feel like I should do it, you know? Sound familiar? That guy you’re dating ticks all the
  • (Even if You Experience Over-achiever Guilt) You’re judging yourself. You feel guilty. And perhaps a little ashamed. Why? Because you haven’t managed to work out in weeks. You’ve been living off take-out instead of cooking. And you can’t remember the last time you fell asleep without a half-folded laundry pile to keep you company. All of this adds to the
  • You’re overwhelmed by trying to figure out what healthy eating actually is. You’re tired of boring “diet” meals. And if you ever have to eat grilled chicken breast with broccoli again, you’re going to punch someone. And guess what? Me too. Today, we’re going to talk about simple concepts that make healthy eating a little easier to tackle. Here are
  • I want to feel balanced. But there are just too many things to do in a day. So, how do I find time for it all? Today, we’re going to talk about two big components of work-life balance – boundaries & time management. In this post, I am going to share self-reflection questions you can ask yourself & a simple exercise
  • You need to take a chill pill. You’re just wired to be anxious. Heard any of these? Close your eyes & take a deep breath. Today, we’re going to get down & dirty with our good ole’ friend anxiety. In this post, I am going to share some common & not-so-common methods for tackling anxiety. Here are some of the

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