• Have you ever wondered what a health coach eats? Probably a lot of kale… And definitely not anything yummy right? In this post, you’ll see: What my monthly Aldi haul for 2 adults looks like (worth $130) A quick glimpse of the pantry staples I use to bulk up my meals How to use the Build-A-Meal Wheel to create your
  • You’re all for healthy eating. You have some great recipes in mind. But your budget isn’t quite as big as your imagination. Today, we dive into: The battle of meat versus plant proteins The cost-saving benefit of plant-based meals Two surprising impacts of eating plant-based meals How to start eating more plant-based meals And if you’re in need of more
  • You normally choose the drive-thru for lunch. At least 1 night a week is pizza night. And hot pockets hold a special place in your heart. But you know you want to eat healthier. You just rarely have the time… or the will… or the know-how to get started. In this post, we dive into: The benefits of home-cooked meals
  • You’ve been wearing the same PJ’s for 3 days. You ran out of your favorite snacks on Day 1 of quarantine. And you’ve reached new depths of ridiculousness on Netflix. Internally, you’re freaking out. Externally, you’re masking what you feel. In this post, I’ll share with you: How I relate to the anxiety and uncertainty most people feel right now
  • Have you ever had thoughts like “I’m fat”, “I feel fat”, or “It’s not worth it”?  If so, you’re not alone.  You may already be aware that these thoughts are part of an automatic script. And you’ve learned how to start managing these thoughts by connecting with your body and then tuning into your feelings. So today, we’re going to
  • You’re aware that negative self-talk is a script of old stories on autoplay. And now you know how to begin the process of ending negative self-talk by tuning into your body. But what’s next? Today’s post walks you through: how to experience your feelings without judgment how to familiarize yourself deeply with the feelings negative self-talk is creating how to

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