• You’ve been wearing the same PJ’s for 3 days. You ran out of your favorite snacks on Day 1 of quarantine. And you’ve reached new depths of ridiculousness on Netflix. Internally, you’re freaking out. Externally, you’re masking what you feel. In this post, I’ll share with you: How I relate to the anxiety and uncertainty most people feel right now
  • Have you ever had thoughts like “I’m fat”, “I feel fat”, or “It’s not worth it”?  If so, you’re not alone.  You may already be aware that these thoughts are part of an automatic script. And you’ve learned how to start managing these thoughts by connecting with your body and then tuning into your feelings. So today, we’re going to
  • You’re aware that negative self-talk is a script of old stories on autoplay. And now you know how to begin the process of ending negative self-talk by tuning into your body. But what’s next? Today’s post walks you through: how to experience your feelings without judgment how to familiarize yourself deeply with the feelings negative self-talk is creating how to
  • You’re someone who struggles with negative self-talk. You WANT to have more control over your thoughts for your own emotional well-being. But yoga, meditation, and mantras never seem to work.  So, where do these thoughts come from? Today’s post introduces you to: The basic definition of egoic thinking  How egoic thinking becomes the script running your life A simple body
  • You’re a mindful creative. You love yoga and Pinterest. And you know that the act of creating quiets your mind and reduces your day-to-day anxiety. But you’re having trouble fitting a creative practice into your schedule. Today’s post is a special one because I’m sharing words of wisdom from other creatives. Before I do that, let’s recap what you’ve learned
  • You spend most of the day feeling anxious. You’re working +40 hours a week. And you’re busy trying to do it all. But there is an elephant in the room we need to address. And that is the issue of time. You’re so pressed for time these days. It’s no wonder you feel anxious when there are 135,678 things to

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