• Maybe you feel like these are strange times we’re living in. Maybe you’re not sure what to do with all of the day-to-day anxiety you feel. And of all the things you could think to do to relieve your anxiety, creating just isn’t one of them. If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then today’s post is for you. In this
  • Are you tuned in to the connectedness of the seasons? Do you ever stop and think about how these cycles influence your health and the available food? If I’ve piqued your interest, then today’s post is for you. In this post, we’ll dive into: The special relationship between the seasons, plants, and humans How seasonal variations impact the body and
  • Maybe you imagine that a health coach only eats kale? Or perhaps health coaches aren’t allowed to have fun with food? And there’s no way a health coach keeps their belly full. In today’s post I’m sharing: A  brief introduction to the concept of intuitive eating The yummy gluten-free and low lactose meals I eat during a typical week A
  • Have you ever wondered what a health coach eats? Probably a lot of kale… And definitely not anything yummy right? In this post, you’ll see: What my monthly Aldi haul for 2 adults looks like (worth $130) A quick glimpse of the pantry staples I use to bulk up my meals How to use the Build-A-Meal Wheel to create your
  • You’re all for healthy eating. You have some great recipes in mind. But your budget isn’t quite as big as your imagination. Today, we dive into: The battle of meat versus plant proteins The cost-saving benefit of plant-based meals Two surprising impacts of eating plant-based meals How to start eating more plant-based meals And if you’re in need of more
  • You normally choose the drive-thru for lunch. At least 1 night a week is pizza night. And hot pockets hold a special place in your heart. But you know you want to eat healthier. You just rarely have the time… or the will… or the know-how to get started. In this post, we dive into: The benefits of home-cooked meals

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