• You’ve spent hours researching the right amount of calories to eat for your body type. You’ve tirelessly tracked your meals eaten versus calories burned in apps and food logs. You’ve said “no” to food when what your body was saying was “yes” more times than you can remember. And now, you’re burning out. Today’s post and videos introduce you to:
  • You tried the Special K diet… And then the Atkins diet… And when that didn’t work out, you bought a special weight loss tea… But you swore it actually made you crave more food, so you finally tried keto… And you lost some weight but you started to feel like poop, so now you’re back to square one (of 12
  • When was the last time you took a good long look at your body and thought “Yes girl! You are fabulous!” For many of you, having positive thoughts and feelings about your body is difficult. And believing the negative messages that are marketed to you is all too easy. But what if I told you that the negative thoughts are
  • Maybe you feel like these are strange times we’re living in. Maybe you’re not sure what to do with all of the day-to-day anxiety you feel. And of all the things you could think to do to relieve your anxiety, creating just isn’t one of them. If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then today’s post is for you. In this
  • Are you tuned in to the connectedness of the seasons? Do you ever stop and think about how these cycles influence your health and the available food? If I’ve piqued your interest, then today’s post is for you. In this post, we’ll dive into: The special relationship between the seasons, plants, and humans How seasonal variations impact the body and
  • Maybe you imagine that a health coach only eats kale? Or perhaps health coaches aren’t allowed to have fun with food? And there’s no way a health coach keeps their belly full. In today’s post I’m sharing: A  brief introduction to the concept of intuitive eating The yummy gluten-free and low lactose meals I eat during a typical week A

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