Reduce Day-to-Day Anxiety With These 14 Time-Saving Ideas

You spend most of the day feeling anxious.

You’re working +40 hours a week.

And you’re busy trying to do it all.

But there is an elephant in the room we need to address.

And that is the issue of time.

You’re so pressed for time these days.

It’s no wonder you feel anxious when there are 135,678 things to do!

So today’s post will provide you with:

  • Clear and simple ideas for how you can optimize your time from dawn until dusk
  • An opt-in for my time management workshop replay – How to Shave 2 Hours Off Your Workday and Still Get Things Done – so you can free up your time and feel less anxious


Life circumstances influence what any one person’s daily schedule will look like,

and the tips below may not apply to everyone.

But anyone can apply the general concepts I share.

So, I’m taking you step-by-step through a basic daily routine and pointing out all the ways you can optimize your time.

How many of these tips can you apply to your life?

If you’d like to start building your time management skills and want more ideas for how you can optimize your time further, sign up for my time management workshop replay.

No. 1 – Waking up

Set a morning rule that if you do not feel rested when your alarm goes off, you’re allowed to sleep in until your next alarm.

But do not continuously hit the snooze button.

This ensures that when you do get out of bed, you’re ready to go (more or less) and eliminates all the time spent hitting snooze.

No. 2 – Inspirational Reading

Reading emails first thing in the morning is a bad habit that may actually cost you time (and money).


If you’re like me, you probably forget what you read in the early morning and need to re-read the emails later.

Instead, spend a few minutes reading inspiring stories in the morning and check your emails once “all systems are go”.

No. 3 – Prioritizing Your Day

Have a general idea of what your day will look like when you wake up by planning the night before.

And prioritize your most important tasks in the morning when you have renewed energy.

Because you’re prioritizing in the morning, rather than in the midst of things, you’ll remember small details that would have been missed otherwise (therefore, avoiding re-work).

No. 4 – Stretching

Stretching is one aspect of a morning routine that the most successful people swear by.

So stretch for just a few minutes to get your blood pumping.

No. 5 – Breakfast

Save time in the morning by relying on leftovers topped with fried eggs or paired with boiled eggs. 

Assuming your leftovers are healthy, this ensures you have a well-rounded and nutritious meal that takes little effort to prepare.

Alternatively, you can prepare overnight oats that will be ready to eat in the morning.

No. 6 – Showering

Save time by dedicating morning showers to basic hygiene.

Meaning the extras, like exfoliating and shaving, occur in the evenings.

And if you have curly or wavy hair try The Curly Girl Method, which does not require washing your hair every day.

In addition, try using dry shampoo in between washes to save time.

No. 7 – Dressing

Use a capsule wardrobe to save time on dressing and on laundry.

While it does take time to set up a capsule wardrobe, limiting your choices in the morning will save you time.

No. 8 – Work

Use a timer to power through work activities, and ensure that you take regular breaks.

And turn off all unnecessary notifications to reduce distractions.

By giving your mind the rest it needs in between activities and avoiding distractions you optimize your time.

No. 9 – Lunch

Rely on leftovers and pre-prepped food for lunch.

And always keep quick and healthy prepared food like tuna salad, chicken salad, and bean salad on hand.

No. 10 – Gym

Pre-plan and pre-schedule your workout, so you waste no time actually being active at the gym.

No. 11 – Chores

To keep the house relatively tidy and save time on chores, use a timer to clean each room. 

Give yourself 10 minutes to clean each room of the house and do what you can. When you have extra time, do more than the basics.

No. 12 – Dinner

Keep a supply of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats on hand at all times, and simply rotate through the ingredients to create meals quickly.

In addition, make use of time-saving gadgets like the InstantPot and a crockpot.

If you want to learn more about how I prepare my meals, check out my Build-A-Meal Planner.

No. 13 – Creativity

If you would like creative activities to be part of your daily routine, group your favorite supplies together, so they are easy to find.

And take advantage of art prompts that you can find online to start creating quickly.

No. 14 – Bedtime routine

You would think that this is the part of the day when time does not need to be optimized.

But if, like me, you have a bad habit of continuing to work well past your designated stopping point, then set a bedtime alarm.

I’d love to hear which of these time-saving tips you’ll be applying to your day. Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Reduce Day-to-Day Anxiety With These 14 Time-Saving Ideas”

  1. I could see myself using a few of these and I already have a good handle on some others. I feel like food prep and meals are set. I want to try the stretching and have not been going to the gym. I’ve been abusing my alarm clock, also that extra 10min. Would give me a stretch time. I’d like a better work schedule and a way to keep up with tasks. Ofter I’m just listing them as i remember. It’s not always effective. There definitely are things that will be adjusted. Thankyou for the suggestions.

    1. No problem Amanda! Morning Routine was an important component of the time management workshop I held. There is a link for the replay above. Check that out if you want to start tackling that aspect of time management. 🙂

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