Have you ever wondered what a health coach eats?

Probably a lot of kale…

And definitely not anything yummy right?

In this post, you’ll see:

  • What my monthly Aldi haul for 2 adults looks like (worth $130)
  • A quick glimpse of the pantry staples I use to bulk up my meals
  • How to use the Build-A-Meal Wheel to create your own recipe ideas

And if you would like to dive into healthy meal planning with the help of a planner and the Build-A-Meal Wheel you see featured in today’s post, then go here to get started.



I’m guessing you might have a couple of questions:

Do you only spend $130 a month on food for two people?

Nope. I spend about $300. But I only make one BIG trip.

The other trips are to supplement what we’re running out of (like eggs… there are never enough eggs).

You said 2 people, but I only ever see you?

My love is a 175-pound man. He eats with me half of the time and is on the road the rest of time.

Why do you only eat Gouda and Goat cheese these days?

I’m slowly eliminating lactose from my diet for bloated-belly reasons and to avoid the systemic inflammation lactose causes.

But I still eat some cheeses (like gouda and goat cheese) that don’t bother my belly.

Did you actually make the boozy pops?

Nope. I drank the wine over the weekend while I gardened instead *shrugs*.

You said “we fish or hunt”. Do you actually fish or hunt?

I HAVE caught fish, and I do help clean and prepare the meat.

But mostly my love is the one doing the hard work of hunting. *THIS IS ME GIVING HIM CREDIT. LOOK AT ALL THE CREDIT*

Next week I’ll be sharing Part 2 of the video blog with you where we’ll be breaking down all the yummy goodness I cooked over the course of a week.

Have any questions? Pop them in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to grab the Build-A-Meal Wheel you saw featured in today’s post. Go here to get started.

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