You’re a creative on a self-development journey.

You’re committed to being healthy & happy in your own body.

Sure. You have goals.

You’d like to exercise more & lose a little weight,

and you want to make time for the things that matter in life.


Because you want to feel better.

You want to feel more energetic.

You want to keep up with your wild child.

And you want to live a long & happy life.

But you never seem to stay consistent.

Because you’re not committed.


And let’s be honest…

not just any partner…

but someone who gets it…

Someone who feels like a friend.

But the kind of friend who holds you accountable.

And that accountability you need?

That looks like personalized advice – that applies to you – rather than a whole room full of people.

Nodding your head ‘yes’?

Then let’s connect!


Hi. I’m Megan.

I know what it feels like to struggle with commitment on your health journey.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling to stay committed to self-care too.

I’m an art-based health coach, and I help creatives have fun again on their journey to good health.

I also have 10 years of experience in healthcare & clinical research.

And no. Being in the health space doesn’t mean that I’ve always had it together.

I’ve struggled.

I’ve had ups & downs with both my mood & weight.

I’ve dealt with health problems that ran the full gamut.

Those problems included gastrointestinal issues, asthma, mental fog, anxiety, depression, self-destructive habits, & more.

And, at one point, working 60 hours a week, living off bagels, and remaining uncommitted to unfun self-care was my norm.

In 2016, my health started to change for the better when I realized that my diet & lifestyle needed a makeover.

I tried 30-day cleanses, being the cardio Queen, & repeating positive mantras every day.

But things only started to look up when I found a way to make self-care simple, sustainable, and fun.

And I’m here to help you do just that.


Do you want to feel inspired and motivated to ACTUALLY work towards your wellness goals, connect your body to your thoughts and emotions, and enjoy both a QUICK and SIMPLE art-based activity?

If you’re nodding your head YES, then I’ve got your back with “Happy. Healthy. Creative. A Contemplative Coloring Book”.



My approach is simple, and my philosophy is that the journey to good health should be fun.


Because you should get the most out of your life while you’re on your way to good health.

When you wake up in the morning and you decide how you’re going to start your day, you should be having fun.

When you’re cooking meals that give you sustainable energy, you should be having fun.

When you’re exercising to raise your heart rate, increase your metabolism, and boost your immunity, you should be having fun.

And when you sit down in the evening for your mindfulness practice, you should be having FUN!

I think the reason you’ve been hesitating to work with a health coach is because you believe your coach will ask you to stop having fun.

You’re worried that your coach will ask you to follow a starvation diet, spend hours on the treadmill, and be bored out of your mind with typical coaching strategies.

And sure, there is structure in my coaching, but there’s also simple, sustainable, fun.

Why? Because that’s how I finally started seeing success on my health journey.

I struggled for a long time to get self-care right. And what I realized is that…if it isn’t fun, it isn’t happening.

So, I found a way to feel good in my body, eat well, and be happy.

And I want to show you that way.



  • “The best thing for me was that Megan could relate to my problems. She had down to earth behavior and tone, which made the calls a harmonious experience. Besides this, Megan listens carefully to your wish/problem and offers different solutions and you get to choose the one that suits your life best. She doesn’t burden you with a lot of changes at the same time, she gives you small 1-2 changes to follow in your daily life. I have noticed that my stomach feels lighter at night and my sugar cravings are getting small each day.”


  • “Megan is interested in our experience and opinions as she genuinely wants to be of service and make a difference in the lives other others. I asked if I could join her Facebook group, as she was so genuine. It’s jam-packed full of tools and self-work innercise exercises. I am an experienced art journal self-work practitioner using art and journaling for self-empowerment (just for my self) but one of her tools helped me make a mind-/belief-shift that I previously thought was impossible. It made a beautiful impact on my outlook and energy. I highly recommend her strategy.”


  • “If you are hesitant about working with Megan, just ask yourself, what do you have to lose? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain from a single phone call. Seriously! I went from drinking 5 cups of coffee a day down to 1 cup, and I have two small children Haha! I have implemented her suggestions that are stepping stones to help me move towards achieving my goals. The suggestions were simple enough to incorporate into my daily routine. The best part is how “real” she is! It’s like talking to a friend. A genuine person who wants to help you be the best version of yourself.”


  • “Megan’s calm vibe and kind approach make it easy to explore the areas in your life that need to be examined. Since working with Megan, I have become mindful in my own personal healing. She has helped me recognize where I lack compassion for myself and helped me develop ways to correct my negative self-talk. The best part about working with Megan is her genuine joy and excitement when progress is being made.”


  • “If someone is hesitating to work with you, I’d have to tell them to give you a chance. You have many bright ideas on how to help with different daily essential activities. As a result of speaking with you, I have been able to successfully pack a healthy lunch for my child every day since starting school last week.”


  • “Now that I know I tend to put VERY high expectations for myself, I will make a conscious effort to show myself more compassion. I like that it wasn’t just you telling me what to do. It was a collaborative effort between you and me! The way you dove deeper into things made a lot of sense. I think it can be easy for coaches to make you feel like you have to radically change your life, but I like that your coaching program teaches that small changes can equal big results!”


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